Finding Your Magic. Again.

While we were quarantined, many of us rediscovered that we are truly magical creatures. We remembered that we first learned how to perfect our pedicures while sitting in front of reruns of "I Love Lucy" while enjoying a cold orange pop. And we did that again. We were reminded that it's just as much fun to dress up (makeup included) for dinner at home as it is to go out. And, for whatever reason, we fell in love with making our own sourdough bread! (Carbs, anyone?). 

We recalled the magic that we saw in ourselves as young girls, tweens, teens, and students. Back then, it was not defined by likes, follows, or even approval by the outside. We knew that we were mysterious, fun, and even mischievous. The time we are spending at home has allowed us to find the woman we always loved. We found our magic again. And we love it intensely. 

We encourage you to use this time to continue to explore and fall in love with your magic again -- even after the quarantine has lifted. Continue to write. Compose music. Share poetry. Read aloud. Make home movies. Smile beneath your masks (always wear them!). Remember. You are magic. Let it shine. 

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