On August 12, 1843, an incredible phenomenon was witnessed on the fashionable Rue Royale in the eighth arrondissement. The Illustrated London News reported that, “a vast cloud of butterflies,” of every color and shape had covered every lamppost and storefront on the street.

The next day they had all disappeared. Inspired by this amazing moment in history, EIGHT ROYALE has created luxurious women’s ballet flats that fold like the wings of a butterfly and evoke the spirit of Paris.

We are a design shop for sophisticated, fashion savvy women who easily transition from a day at the office to a night at the opera.

Our marquee product, the foldable flat, is a contemporary update to ordinary ballet flats. We have curated a bold and elegant collection of versatile color combinations designed for a modern woman's luxury lifestyle.

EIGHT ROYALE founder and CEO, Carla, is a style maven and entrepreneur who was the muse for several Washington, D.C. based designers. Her appreciation for vivid colors and classic stylings are influenced by her Caribbean heritage, her travels around the world, and her mother's love for Hermes scarves.