How Flats Are Making A Huge Comeback This Year

 We have got great news for all anti-stilettos ladies, “flats are back!” We know that you are as much excited as we are, and you are already on the hunt to buy ballet flats. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lifestyle and people have started wearing comfy clothes and shoes. This gave the designers the idea to move from high heels to flats and we are forever thankful. Flats have made a huge comeback this year and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

In mid-April, a flat that looked like spa socks had started making headlines. People loved this new comfy style of shoes and that reminded many shoe making companies to start making flats again. Since women had stopped wearing heels during the pandemic, designers got an idea that it would be difficult for women to wear heels again when the lockdown is over, that’s how flats have made a huge comeback.

Women are loving flats because they are breathable, lightweight, and fashionable. They can easily go with jeans, callouses, skirts, and dresses and look flattering on everyone. No matter wherever you are going or whatever you are wearing you can easily wear flats. They look sophisticated and can easily add a feminine touch to the outfit. The best thing about flats is they are both comfortable and fashionable and you don’t need to compromise your comfort for fashion.

From Christian Louboutin to Salvatore Ferragamo, shoe designers have showcased great collection and every woman has fallen in love with them. Many celebrities have also stepped out wearing flats and you can easily notice that all of them are wearing flats with different kinds of outfit. Ballet flats with ankle straps and square toe ballet flats look the most fashionable ballet flats and are loved by women.

We can easily say that flats are the most liked shoe trends 2020-2021 and women are going crazy over them. So, treat yourself and buy yourself comfy and stylish Eight Royale’s ballet flats this fall.




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